Bridge Factory has helped some of North America’s top brands translate their customers’ needs into resonant product design and design standards so they can consistently deliver exceptional brand experience touchpoints.

With any brand, truly understanding your customer and consistently delivering on your brand promise is key.  The culmination of this understanding is the physical brand language of the products in your portfolio – the aesthetic and functional elements that a customer experiences when using it. Getting this language correct means defining forms, shapes, materials, feel, features / functions and use-scenarios that connect meaningfully to your customer emotionally and rationally, and communicates your brand’s identity accurately.

At Bridge Factory, when we approach any visual brand language project, our first step is to understand your customer.  Whether leveraging your existing knowledge or conducting research to unearth new insights, we use our process of research translation to clearly identify the key values, desires and needs of your customer.

When we fully understand who the product is for we can then begin to apply our expertise to designing resonant products and experiences for them.  We meticulously dissect a product and build it from the ground up, considering each detail of its look, feel, fit, finish and function to ensure the physical design aligns with their needs and your brand. Through a process of user validation and refinement, Bridge Factory ensures that every product going through our process will resonate with customers.

However, the job does not finish there. Once we have established the finite elements that comprise the physical brand language, we communicate these to your company and vendors in clear and concise brand guides.  Bridge Factory brand guides identify all the important touchpoints of your products, how to design products in the future consistently and unfolds this information in a method that is relevant and communicative of your brand’s values.  In doing so, this informs your company and your vendors how to consistently deliver powerful brand experiences that motivate.