Bridging the connection between the needs and desires of people and the design of products is at the core of Bridge Factory’s design process. We believe that no one knows your product better than the people that use them and so we often make these people part of our design team. Whether through design concepts, messaging or prototypes, we always test potential solutions with end users.

One of the first rules of design is to recognize that you are not designing for you, but someone else; someone who most likely has different values, needs, likes, dis-likes than us. So, throughout our process, we build in checkpoints to validate designs with the people that use our products.

Depending on the phase of the process or the information we would like to validate, Bridge Factory uses a variety of methods and mediums to communicate with end users. These can vary from printed documents outlining product aesthetics or messaging, to prototypes of various fidelities demonstrating form or function. Methods can include in-store intercepts, in-home or online interviews, or on location (in situ) testing.

Regardless of the medium and methodology utilized, the end result resonates meaningfully with your user.