Our solutions come from a strong, clear bridge between research and design. Many firms excel at research; many excel at design. The most critical – and most often overlooked, phase in design engagements is the ability to bridge the two. Our process for translating research into impactful solutions is centered on the creation of guiding principles for design, outlining how intangible research insights can be actioned across existing and new designs. Adherence to these guiding principles allows our solutions to tap into deep customer needs, behaviours, and desires.

The exact scope of a research program is dependent on the goals of the project, but may consist of market research (understanding of currently available options from within the clients portfolio, or an understanding of gaps in the market at large), ethnography, focus groups, workshops, shop-alongs, social science investigations, crowdsourcing, and strategic foresight programs. At Bridge Factory, we leverage the research and translation expertise that is embedded in our sister company, Bridgeable, when the complexity of the research piece must be simplified into accessible and usable data.

Clients often comment on our ability to exceed their expectations with the outcomes of our design process.  Increased sales, margins and client engagement are all a result of tying our design approach to the human needs.