Bridge Factory worked with Allseating to help them bring to life a new chair mechanism in an accessible and modern conference chair.  The result is the award winning Ray chair.  Sophisticated and modern, the Ray chair incorporates bold and confident aesthetics, and ergonomic technology into the modern office environment.

The objective was to design a compelling and elegant office chair utilizing a newly developed, ergonomic tilt mechanism. The team’s industrial designers and development engineers studied the complexities of the new mechanism and it’s specific requirements in order to maximize its usage within their design. This understanding, coupled with Bridge Factory’s expertise in aesthetic design and manufacturing, came together to create an affordable, innovative and beautifully designed office chair.

A modern, sophisticated office chair with advanced ergonomic benefits. Whereas most ergonomic chairs sacrifice looks for function and clash with the modern office, the Ray Chair is a beautiful balance of style, durability and usage. It integrates a classic, post-modern aesthetic with an advanced ergonomic mechanism for superior comfort.

The Ray chair won a best of Neocon award when it debuted in 2009. Since then, the Ray Chair has sold several thousand units and has been featured in magazines like Dwell and Metropolis.