Prototyping is a means of validating a concept early in the design process to achieve success sooner. In addition, prototyping allows us to test manufacturing feasibility at a low cost, before expensive manufacturing tools are made. Used in tandem with our User Validation capability, prototyping allows us to ensure that the products we design are resonant, impactful and on target with your customers’ needs.

We utilize a wide variety of low to high fidelity prototyping techniques and well versed in materials and techniques such as:

  • soft foam modeling
  • paper modeling
  • wood working
  • plastics fabrication and casting
  • painting and finishing
  • fabrics and leathers
  • 3d-printing
  • Arduino electronics programming

Whenever called for, we draw from our close network of metal workers, CNC machinists and aluminum casters to work with us to prototype what cannot be done internally. Based on the product application or process phase, we choose the techniques that are right for your project.