The Pallet Chair is an exploration of what trash really is. Created solely from discarded and broken shipping pallets, the Pallet Chair exposes the internal beauty of the materials that we take for granted and dispose of on a daily basis. The Pallet Chair was displayed at the 2011 Interior Design Show in the Studio North exhibit where it received much attention for it’s unique manufacturing and material choice.

The Pallet Chair is not your normal dining chair. It is created solely from garbage; discarded shipping pallet, dis-assembled and harvested for the beautiful hard-wood within.

Each year millions of board feet of good quality hardwood lumber is thrown into garbage dumps in the form of shipping pallets. While this lumber is perfectly capable of being transformed into beautiful home furnishings, instead more trees are felled to fit into our pre-determined manufacturing systems. The Pallet Chair is an expression of what can be achieved by utilizing what is considered garbage, reprocessing it and communicating the beauty within.

Soft and organic in overall form, juxtaposed against precise radii and surface transitions, the Pallet Chair is a visual expression of the symbiosis that can exist between us as humans and the benefits of technology and mass production.