Working with MMB Networks, Bridge Factory designed the housing for their OEM line of USB sticks. Bridge Factory’s designers worked closely with MMB’s electrical engineers to ensure proper fit and assembly of the internal electrical components. We utilized our in house 3d printing capabilities to produce high fidelity prototypes allowing us to review the fit, function and aesthetic.

The soft surfaces of the Ingeni stick flow continuously over the entire form, suggesting the live flow of information to and from the computer. Asymmetrical label areas allow for a unique aesthetic and efficiently provide branding area on the top, side and bottom of the casing in a single label.

Ingeni is an Australia based company that provides products to both monitor live energy usage in the home and allows you to compare energy plans based on your actual usage. Through their products, customers can save up to $500.00 a year in energy costs.

MMB Networks is a Toronto based company that develops products and software for third party clients. MMB’s products facilitate information transfer and monitoring and creates networks create networks across multiple products, touch-points and locations.