Products, electronic interactions and services are only small pieces of an overall system that a user interacts with on a day-to-day basis. The overarching system is the experience. Great experiences do not happen by chance but are approached with a design methodology to be resonant and impactful.

Broken down, the experience that a user has is a complex eco-system of touch-points, interactions and communications. This can be as closely related as the tactile feel of a pressed button or as far-reaching as the marketing material and method used to communicate the new product or idea. It can include the packaging of a physical object or the interaction with a service professional in-store or over the phone. Anyone of these touch points will impact how your customers enjoy your product. Getting all of these right will ensure that your customer will desire the experience of your product creating a loyal connection and building brand equity.

The experience of every product and service is not the same – nor should it be. At Bridge Factory, we approach challenges holistically, observing every aspect of a user’s interaction. This allows us to uncover the nuances of your challenges in the consumer’s eyes and identify the specific areas of opportunity for the challenge at hand. Through our methodical design approach, this allows us to create order from your complex eco-system and in-turn create holistic and resonant consumer experiences.