Bridge Factory conducted and in-depth user research study to uncover the unmet needs on the outdoor grilling market. The Coleman Evenheat grill is the result of peoples base needs and desires around outdoor cooking. It is a no-nonsense grill that works. In a value driven market where baseline ability has been traded for price and gadgetry, the Coleman Evenheat grill concentrates on the key functionalities and aesthetic design cues that provide and communicate performance and dependability.

A cast grill surface inspires trust in the Evenheat’s durability. Coupled with newly developed burner technology, these features provide more even heat distribution across the entire cooking surface. Cast lid sides, robust connection points and quality materials provide tactile feedback to the sturdiness and quality of the grill. Newly developed technologies, like a digital fuel gauge and Insta-Start igniting provide the user with the trust that the Coleman Evenheat grill will always be ready to deliver, in turn allowing them to provide.

With new functional components and an enhanced design that delivered even heat distribution, reliability, and durability, Canadian Tire launched the new barbecue grill under the Coleman brand as the Coleman Even Heat Grill in 2010. Grill sales skyrocketed, substantially surpassing expectations, with line extensions in 2011 selling out just weeks into the grill purchasing season.
Awarded the 2011 International Good Design Award, the grill continues to enjoy tremendous consumer reception and success in the Canadian marketplace.