As a human-centered design firm, our work is focused on understanding the needs of the end user while keeping you and your business objectives at the core of the project. Our process in this is to collaborate with your team throughout the entire flow of the project. We listen and share research findings, ideas, and concepts as we iterate towards a solution. Our sessions enable all stakeholders to dig deeply into understanding the criteria and constraints that are unique to your operation.

The process of collaboration with our clients is critical to the success of a project so we involve as many functional areas as possible. Our multidisciplinary team – comprised of industrial designers, engineers, scientists, social scientists and experts in business strategy – draws on diverse experience, often bringing new perspectives and capabilities to the design process. When these team members work with your management, design, marketing, manufacturing, purchasing/supply chain, engineering and sales departments to ensure that our deliverables can be integrated with the vision and activities of all involved.

We connect regularly with relevant stakeholders, sharing progress with your team through regular email updates, industry leading content management and sharing systems, and by following our proven project management best practices. We respond to evolving client needs as they are exposed (more common for clients that haven’t worked with designers before, and a design brief isn’t all that strict). We regularly have meetings on your shop floor, in your showroom, or in the field – getting our hands dirty or engaging with users. For clients that are at a distance, we have regular teleconference check-in meetings, and come on-site for major milestones such as sharing a high-fidelity prototype or sorting out the final production issues.

Our design process is lifeless without input from our clients, and our clients often comment that playing a role in the process is not only fun and exciting, but the critical piece that elevates our design work from merely “concept” to truly practical and actionable solutions.

Another benefit of close collaboration through the process is that we extend your network to include our network of suppliers, fabricators, and prototyping shops. For some projects, this can be the difference between “just another widget” and a truly exhilarating product experience.