The Biosync thermostat is the result of a study around what people consider “green”.  The Biosync garnered an honorable mention in the Core 77 Greener Gadget competition.

Bridge Factory conducted a study into people’s values and perceptions around green technology.  Asked “What is green to you?”, people provided insights into how they consider technology in the context of the environment.  The key insight is that people feel there is a dis-connect between technology and nature.  Through Bridge Factory’s unique process of research translation, we developed the Biosync thermostat to address this contextual dis-connect.

The Biosync directly connects a person’s actions with environmental impact creating context.  Based on an efficiency algorithm, the Biosync monitors how a person adjusts and maintains the temperature in their home comparatively to outside temperatures.  It translates this efficiency into natural imagery.  Taking advantage of biophilia (or a person natural tendency to want to connect with nature), the Biosync translates efficient energy usage into lush nature imagery.  When energy usage is poor, the natural imagery is affected.   Plants begin to die and the sky darkens with fog inspiring the person to make more efficient choices.