Bridge Factory was challenged by Spinmaster to help determine why one of their coolest toys was facing large returns and declining sales.

Working in collaboration with our sister company Bridgeable and the Airhogs internal team, Bridge Factory conducted an interactive research study into the way that children play. From our findings we provided design and experience direction in the form of a collaborative ideation session with the Spinmaster design team. The design team and Bridge Factory staff were presented with actionable insights (translated research findings) and play scenarios to create new creative and unique play experiences within the tangible framework of the Spinmaster business. In addition, we provided a clear and concise set of actionable insights to allow the internal design team at Spinmaster to further develop resonant solutions after the project was complete.

Since the project was completed, many of the actionable insights and new play experiences have been put into action lowering return rates for the Airhogs toy line up.