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We are Bridge Factory.

Industrial Design in Canada

Bridge Factory is one of the premier industrial designers in Canada and the United States. Based in Toronto, Bridge Factory strives to inject humanity into areas where it is lacking. Today, everything is mass produced and impersonal.  Sometimes it’s not in the best interest or consumers to reduce richness and complexity of human experience. Sometimes it’s important to embrace it.

Bridge Factory specializes in Toronto product design, industrial design, and prototype design. We work with companies from across the world in order to develop and design products that provide practical, can-do solutions for consumers around the world.  We do so by hand-selecting the best and brightest industrial and product designers from a number of industries in order to create a world-class team of experts at the PhD level.

Our Product Design Process

The first step to designing and developing a world-class product is research. We hold focus groups, scan the market to see what consumers are looking for in a product, and examine new technology to determine how it can be implemented into our new products.

Our team of expert Toronto industrial designers use their creativity to design beautiful, compelling product concepts. We explore the possibilities of your product by sketching and digitally rendering lo-fidelity models.  Once those concepts have been created, the next step is to develop the product. Our team of Toronto product designers build detailed CAD model.

From that point, the Canada industrial design experts at Bridge Factory design and validate the prototypes. These prototypes are used to validate the product before your company makes a large investment. At this point we can see how consumers view the product and how they would interact with it. If revisions need to be made in order to improve or tweak the product, now is the best time to do it.

We’re not done once the product moves to the manufacturing stage. We’ll support the product all the way through the process, whether that involves preparing a detailed manufacturing package or bridging between a manufacturing company and yourself. Our goal at Bridge Factory is to turn your idea into a reality. We’ll do everything we can to make that happen.

We can also help you establish the visual brand language for your family of products. From the research and concept design stage all the way to manufacturing, Bridge Factory is right there with you. If you’re looking for an industrial designer in Canada look no further than Bridge Factory.

User Experience

The experience of a product is an eco-system of touchpoints


Failure is not an option but a neccessity.

User Validation

Nobody knows your products better than the people that use them.

Research Translation

Creating tangible solutions to intangible needs and desires.

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Visual Brand Language

Building brand equity and loyalty through design consistency.


Our clients are part of our team.