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Ours is a mass produced world.  In the age of big data, human beings are, more than ever, being reduced to numbers.  The tendency of our economic system is to reduce, rather than embrace, the complexity and richness of the human experience.

Bridge Factory is on this planet to inject deep humanity where it is lacking.  To design it into those moments when a customer most benefits from it.  To infuse it into the mundane, everyday details that feel blank and barren.  To share it with clients who have been conditioned to accept the status quo.

We Use World Class Methodologies

At Bridge Factory, our experience has proven that great product design needs to understand and integrate the complex experience that surrounds the user’s utilization of the product. See our work in our Toronto product design portfolio

We Select The Best & Brightest Industrial Designers & Specialists

Bridge Factory hand-picks Specialists from multiple industries to create a team of world class experts many at the PhD level.

We Provide Practical, Can-Do Solutions

Bridge Factory are experienced in each and every aspect of the Product Design process from research to conception to product manufacturing.


At Bridge Factory we excel at conducting and translating valuable research into top selling products. Our techniques include user research, market scans, existing product analysis and new technology examination.

Prototype Design & Validation

At Bridge Factory we can build high-fidelity prototypes that demonstrate the aesthetic and functionality of your product. Prototypes allow us to validate your product before you make a large investment in tooling, when revisions are low risk.

Concept Design

Our talented team of Toronto industrial design experts use their creativity to design compelling, attractive product concepts. Through sketching, digital rendering and lo-fidelity models we explore the possibilities of your product.

Manufacturing Support

We can help support your product through to manufacturing. Whether through preparing a detailed manufacturing package or liaising between yourself and a manufacturing partner, Bridge Factory can help make your idea a reality.

Product Development

In order to make your product ideas a reality, our team of designers build detailed CAD models based on our manufacturing knowledge base. We can also support this phase with high-fidelity digital product visualization renderings.

Visual Brand Language

Bridge Factory can help you define visual brand standards for your family of products. Establishing consistency across your family of products helps raise perceived quality and lends credibility.

User Experience

The experience of a product is an eco-system of touchpoints


Failure is not an option but a neccessity.

User Validation

Nobody knows your products better than the people that use them.

Research Translation

Creating tangible solutions to intangible needs and desires.

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Visual Brand Language

Building brand equity and loyalty through design consistency.


Our clients are part of our team.